Since 2006, VERSUS is dedicated to environment and sustainability Projects with focus in the following sectors where VERSUS has access to selected and proven technologies:

Energy Recovery from Residues

- Exclusive representative of Entsorga Italia, (, a company with a proprietary MBT technology for the production of RDF (Residue Derived Fuel) from MSW (Municipal Solid Wastes) and Commercial & Non-Hazardous Industrial Wastes
- The reliability of Entsorga’s technology is recognized worldwide, as being utilized by the leading cement groups in Europe and in the United States.

- The high quality RDF, with the required specifications, is used by the cement industry in substitution of the pet coke.

- VERSUS is also dedicated to the sourcing of the commercial wastes, which are generated by large companies who are looking for final sustainable destination.

Solar Energy

- Working alliance with ERA Soluções ( an EPC Italian Group with a large experience in photovoltaic projects in Italy and Brazil, providing solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial companies.